Your clothing reveals something to others about your personality. Wearing bright colors and patterns might indicate that you are positive, bold, fun, or quirky. Flowing fabrics seem to connote that you are relaxed and light-hearted. You’ve probably heard the phrase “dress for success” (wearing clothes that tell others you are or will be successful), but why not “dress for fun”?

At Amuse Foosh, our scarf clothing allows you to put together a breezy new outfit quickly by layering them over a wardrobe staple like jeans and a top or a plain dress. Our colorful patterns and flowing designs are fun and flattering. The lightweight fabrics are great for any season and layer easily over any outfit, from jeans to dresses. Every design is One Size Fits Most.

Our scarf ponchos flow to create a dress-like style that is fun and flattering. It offers a burst of color and style, yet it is still as comfortable as the jeans, leggings, or dress you have on below it. The versatile poncho can also be worn different directions to give you several different looks.

Need to dress up your outfit for an event? Layer a scarf vest or scarf poncho over your Little Black Dress. (And if your LBD is feeling a little snug right now, the scarf can offer a little more coverageĀ and give you back your smile!)

A chef offers an amuse bouche to awaken and prepare your taste buds. Amuse Foosh scarf wear entertains and awakens your playful side and shows your style. Whether you are looking to dress up or to add a little hip flair to your wardrobe, Amuse Foosh is a good fit!